The Squee Round Up


Updates from the Queen of SQUEEE! 🤗 

April was such a great month to get my read on! So far I've clocked nine books, and I'm now enjoying three more which I hope to finish before the end of the month. I've only got 5 days left and I still need to get through A Court of Mist and Fury in time for the ACOWAR Release!!! Yikes!

Firebolt | Review

Magic and Dragons, what more could you want?

We start this adventure with an intriguing premise -- a teenager discovers that dragons are real and is suddenly thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and self-discovery.

Now I haven't read a lot of teen fantasy books centered on Dragons for a while. The last one was the Jennifer Scales series and that did not end well for me. In fact, I still have some seriously effed up leftover emotional baggage from those books. So as you can imagine, I was seriously excited to give this book a try.

The Beginning of Always | Review

This is NOT your ordinary YA story...

In Aquanis University, the children of gods from different pantheons co-exist peacefully (in a manner of speaking) as they navigate through college life and all its offerings from dorm room shuffles, bffs, boys and bullies to uncontrollable libidos, date rape, and sexual self-discovery.

The writing of the book flowed easily and the descriptions were detailed and well thought out. It mirrors most real life experiences in college - both the good and the bad. Although, I would have wanted more focus on the growth of the main characters as well as a clearer vision of their backstories, powers, and purpose. From the way that this book was done, it was like Claire and company were the Squib equivalent of demigods.