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This is NOT your ordinary YA story...

In Aquanis University, the children of gods from different pantheons co-exist peacefully (in a manner of speaking) as they navigate through college life and all its offerings from dorm room shuffles, bffs, boys and bullies to uncontrollable libidos, date rape, and sexual self-discovery.

The writing of the book flowed easily and the descriptions were detailed and well thought out. It mirrors most real life experiences in college - both the good and the bad. Although, I would have wanted more focus on the growth of the main characters as well as a clearer vision of their backstories, powers, and purpose. From the way that this book was done, it was like Claire and company were the Squib equivalent of demigods. 

Also, there were plot holes that needed additional "meat". The summary tells us of a plot to murder Claire by her father's jealous wife, but this is tackled in less than two paragraphs near the end of the novel. Why use that in the blurb when it's barely even a footnote in the story. Also, with an attempt at murder and deaths that followed, no investigation was opened or mentioned, the only nod to the event was a reference to a student vigil happening some nights after. 

Aside from Neil, Claire and Justice's godly parents I do not believe others may have been mentioned. Was this a mixed school? Or strictly for the Squib-Demigods?

Being a sucker for love stories, I liked how Claire and Neil developed from being friends to eventual Lovers. I also would have wanted to read more about Merit and Kurt, perhaps in the second installment, since this is the first of a series? 

All in all, I want to like this book but lengthy prose about angsty teens giving in to their sexual urges is not my idea of a young adult novel. This book straddles the line of Erotica and YA, which is strange and confusing. 

Marie Cole
March 31 2017
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March 31 2017
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Aquanis, Book One


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