Holly Freakin' Hughes | Review

"People like you, don't fall in love with people like me." -Holly Hughes

Holly Hughes thought she had it all, until her marriage-phobic ex, Stephen breaks up with her because he was gay and in love with someone else (and not marriage-phobic at all). To make matters worse, she loses her job. Alone, miserable and broke, she leaves New York City and moves in with her sister in Long Island, babysitting her niece while trying to piece her life back together. 

Brandon Davis is a famous author (think Dan Brown, but hotter) who is still hurting five years after he was dumped by his fiancee because she was jealous of his success and achievements. He returns to his hometown of Long Island, after a grueling three-month book tour seeking peace and solitude.  

Brandon and Holly meet in a bookstore quite by accident and this starts a series of events that will keep you reading on 'til the wee hours of dawn, trying not to wake your sleeping partner with fits of giggles. 

Holly Freakin' Hughes

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The Squee! Round Up: Summer Edition


Hey, Bookworms! Summer is in full tilt, and I for one hardly even felt Spring come to visit. Still, it feels good to finally shed my comfy boots for a pair of slinky sandals.

How have you been spending your summer? I hope you're getting some lovely reading time by the beach or the park, or even in the sofa.

We, over at Inkblots HQ had to do some pretty heavy duty adulting these past few months, because we *finally* moved into our new place (yay!). It's our first time on our own, and we could not be any happier. 

Every bookish girl's dream is to have a home library and when I moved to New York a year ago, I made the decision to leave behind all my books and it was really sad. But my super amazing and incredibly supportive husband (who also happens to be a book lover) understands my need for good reads and made my new library a priority in our new home. He has also graciously agreed to be a part of the blog and will be giving commentary on some of the books that he has read, and events attended with me.

As a downside to all the planning and decorating and book buying, we were not able to get enough reading time as we would have liked -- but I'm still ahead by 2 books in our Goodreads Challenge, so everything's coming up roses! 😎


Curious to know about which of your favorite books will be available in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them?

I have put together a list of new releases for your reading pleasure. The titles included here are from favorite genres, authors on auto-buy and series I've yet to finish or plan to start. 

Please note that while I did not include every book that is coming out, I did include those whose titles have caught my eye, and which I am hoping will catch your fancy as well.

If there are titles or a series you like that I was not able to include, do let me know so that I could add it to the list.