Curious to know about which of your favorite books will be available in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them?

I have put together a list of new releases for your reading pleasure. The titles included here are from favorite genres, authors on auto-buy and series I've yet to finish or plan to start.

Please note that while I did not include every book that is coming out, I did include those whose titles have caught my eye, and which I am hoping will catch your fancy as well.

If there are titles or a series you like that I was not able to include, do let me know so that I could add it to the list. 

Goodreads Reading Updates

Another year, another Goodreads Reading Challenge 🤗

Hello Bookblots! 🙋đŸģ 

Now, all you guys know just how much I love Goodreads, I mean, I use it for everything!!

Tracking new releases, updating my book hauls and even ensuring my book shelves won't hold duplicates (ugh, i HATE it when that happens!) I also do the occasional giveaway and quiz on the website as well, and that's always fun, especially when I win a free book. Yay!

Last year was actually the first time I ever tracked my reading seriously, it felt so great to see myself ahead of the curve and it became even more rewarding when I started to surpass my goals, with plenty of time to spare. You can check out my 2017 reading adventure here 👈đŸģ and a round up of all the 2017 books I've read 👉đŸŧ here.

For 2018, I decided to take it easy with only 50 books to start. 

This is mostly because of a life changing event happening this summer: the birth of our daughter. 👧đŸģ As a first time mom, I know that I will not be able to read as much once she arrives but I will try and sneak a few chapters here and there. Even now as I incubate this tiny, precious human in me 🤰đŸģI find myself struggling to maintain the reading pace and enthusiasm I've had from years before. Guess when they say big changes, they meant it! LOL!