About Me

Hi, my name is Angelica.

I am an extroverted introvert who happens to be an avid devourer books, drinker of instant coffee, lover of bookish merch and adorable fluffy puppies. In my spare time, I am a deliriously happy newlywed, who keeps home and hearth for the love of my life. 

Growing up, my nose was always buried in a book. I have always been a voracious reader and when I am not reading, I dream of decorating the walls of my future home with beautifully arranged books and of someday having an Instagram feed of exquisitely curated bookish content. In the meantime, I will have to do a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and a lot of dreaming.

This habit, this "thing" within me has taken over my life since I was young. I was one of those kids who read - A LOT. Though it did kind of happen backward since I started reading my mom's old Danielle Steele and Sidney Sheldon books in Middle School then going on to romance novels in high school (hello Garwood, McNaught, Deveraux, and Lindsey!). Now as an adult, I thoroughly enjoy curling up with a Young Adult book though I do read the occasional cozy mystery and chic lit novel.

You could say my taste is as varied as a box of my husband's favorite chocolate bonbons. 

The world of words consumes me. It is a realm I go to escape. The term "Armchair Traveler" was coined for people like me (well, armchair, sofa, bed, airport floor.. Honestly, I read anywhere!) I love books that engulf me, novels that whisk me away to far off lands, to cities both new and familiar, galaxies near and far. 

It is a freedom I enjoy, a love I cultivate and a gift I gladly share with all my friends while continuing to collect a universe of experiences stuffed between the pages of a book.

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