Holly Freakin' Hughes | Review

"People like you, don't fall in love with people like me." -Holly Hughes

Holly Hughes thought she had it all, until her marriage-phobic ex, Stephen breaks up with her because he was gay and in love with someone else (and not marriage-phobic at all). To make matters worse, she loses her job. Alone, miserable and broke, she leaves New York City and moves in with her sister in Long Island, babysitting her niece while trying to piece her life back together. 

Brandon Davis is a famous author (think Dan Brown, but hotter) who is still hurting five years after he was dumped by his fiancee because she was jealous of his success and achievements. He returns to his hometown of Long Island, after a grueling three-month book tour seeking peace and solitude.  

Brandon and Holly meet in a bookstore quite by accident and this starts a series of events that will keep you reading on 'til the wee hours of dawn, trying not to wake your sleeping partner with fits of giggles. 

Kelsey Kingsley
July 30 2017
Ebook | Indies Ink
July 31 2017
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Book One

It's a fun, quick read and different in a way that has you rooting for the sensitive, soulful small town hero. This is a refreshing change from the typical hero stereotype that's prevalent in Contemporary Romance. I found myself immensely enjoying this book, screaming at them to "Get a Grip" while for rooting for them to "End Up Together Already!" at the same time.

I love the way that the author has made this book relatable on so many levels, and to different readers. We see a hurting Holly trying to "find herself first" before committing to another relationship but wanting Brandon with all her might. Brandon, who's heart had yet to heal, and wary of women, preventing himself from jumping into the chasm -- rendering Holly in some kind of friend-zone limbo. This awkward dance between two hearts slowly starts to develop into a fast friendship and later on grow into a relationship filled with humor and romance. 

They are not without hang-ups though, especially for two characters with their kind of emotional baggage. In fact, one minor issue for me was Holly's overly dramatic reaction to Brandon's "secret". Taking into consideration her experience with Stephen and his secrets, I guess that was to be expected, but I wish it was handled differently. 

Holly Freakin' Hughes is not an epic love story, or even a run of the mill Happily Ever After, and I like that.

It is a promise of better things to come for those who want it enough to work hard for it. It reminds the reader that healing and growing are just as important as honesty, acceptance, and openness in any relationship.

This book is one of the best debut novels I've ever read. Pre-order your copy now! 

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