NYC Teen Author Festival 2017

Books of Wonder Mega Signing

March 26, 2017

Hello Bookworms!! For those of you who are NYC based, were you able to go to this awesome signing? There were 70(!!!) authors there!! (Keep still, my beating heart!) I was so bummed at having to miss out on Danielle Paige's launch at Books of Wonder the week before (scheduling conflicts, ugh!) that I made sure that our weekend was free to be able to enjoy this experience fully. 

My hubby -- who is ever so wonderful despite not appreciating the finer points of a YA novel -- woke me up extra early today and said, "No more excuses, we are going to that signing!" Yayyy!! 

This is my first time meeting Authors face to face and getting books signed so I was EXCITED! Armed with my books (I only brought 4 coz I totally, totally forgot I had another one by Andrea Cremer), a coffee to ward off the chill, we headed off to Books of Wonder, which, if you have been following my Instagram account you'd know is one of my most favorite places to be in this city. 

When we got there, the place was starting to get packed, but it was very well organized. There was a schedule of appearances with about 10-12 authors doing meet and greets every 30 minutes. 
that's a LOT of authors!!! 

So, to be able to get through to the signing area, you had to have a coupon which came with a purchase of any merchandise from the store worth about $10 or up (i think). This was such a great excuse to finally get that autographed hardback of Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab that my bookshelf absolutely needed. 

You know how living in New York means that sometimes you get to cross paths with famous people and just be -meh- about it? Like, how in our building we usually share an elevator with a newscaster from ABC and a sports guy whose name I honestly forgot. Well, today was NOT one of those days. It was a totally "SQUUEEE!" experience, so much so that I was reminded by my ever doting husband to tame the inner Velociraptor within. Yes, my excited "squeees!" were that high pitched. Which makes sense, since there was this adorable labrador service dog hanging around and he totally made a beeline for me <3 

Nicola Yoon is the COOLEST, you guys! She's down to earth, funny and had awesome taste in boots! She didn't mind at all when I was babbling like an idiot. Ugh. Next time I'm preparing a mental checklist of things to say to awesome authors.  

By the time I got to meet Maggie Hall, I had calmed down somewhat and had a game plan, I was going to congratulate her on her awesome books, and ask her about the 3rd installment. Maggie was AMAZING! We actually spent more time at her table chatting about my move and how much of an adjustment that was. She and neighbor Pete Hoffmeister were curious about the Philippines (Manila, specifically) having heard great things about the beaches, the food, and the people. 


All in all it was such a wonderful experience and I would like to extend my thanks to the people at Books of Wonder for organizing this for us readers. Aside from meeting the people who have ignited our imaginations and created beloved characters, it was also a great opportunity to meet fellow bibliophiles and bloggers like myself. Who knows, maybe next time, I'd actually get over my initial shyness and say "Hi!" to a couple of you!

In the meantime, Live.. Love.. Laugh.. and Read!!



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